California Divorce FAQ’s

Six months in the State of California from the time your spouse is served.

Yes, depending upon what property and income you have or family support arrangements you have agreed to with your spouse.  As with any major financial decisions, you should consult a tax expert before entering into a Marital Settlement Agreement.

You may reconcile at any time prior to your final dissolution of judgment being finalized with the court.  Nothing can be finalized in less than six months from the date of service.

The date of  separation is significant.  Income and assets accumulated by either spouse after the date of separation become their own separate property so long as the spouses live apart and do not intend to reunite.

No, a debt incurred as a joint obligation remains a joint obligation even though the debt may be assigned to one party in a divorce action. The court has no authority to alter a community debt agreement with a creditor even though you may have agreed to divide your bills between you and continue making payments. If possible, you should close out your joint accounts or reapply in your own name to avoid credit issues in the future.

If you have a long-term marriage with assets, debts and/or children, you would need to file a regular Dissolution of Marriage. The same six-month time period is involved and the same filing fees, but this type of proceeding involves court orders such as spousal support, child support, visitation, division of community property, marital agreements and more to be approved by the judge.

An annulment is distinct from divorce in that it claims the marriage never legally existed.  With a divorce, the marriage is legally recognized and is valid in the eyes of the law.  To determine whether you have legal grounds for an annulment, it is always recommended you seek the advice of an attorney before proceeding to file for an annulment.

A legal separation does not terminate a marriage.  Legal separations are for people who want to live apart but want to legally determine property issues, money issues and make parenting decisions without terminating the marriage.  Religion is a main reason someone may choose to file for a legal separation. There is no residency
requirement to file for a legal separation.  At a later date and assuming residency requirements are established, the parties may elect to file an amended petition for dissolution of marriage.

It is at Divorce City 911


So your marriage has ended. If you’re like most people, you can’t wait until it’s official. Once the papers are filed you can begin to move on with your life, meet new people, maybe even change jobs or homes. Let’s face it: marriage goes on your permanent record. Your friends probably won’t remember that boyfriend with the dog or the girl you lived with for 6 months, but they will remember your ex-spouse. Separated permanently can be expensive, but it can also be inexpensive if you use the services at Divorce City 911.


Divorce is expensive. Avoiding a family lawyer isn’t.


About the only thing more stressful than figuring out custody, property, debt, visitation, etc. is figuring out how to pay your lawyer’s fees. Divorce City 911 is a document preparation firm with over 12 years of working with divorce lawyers. If you have an uncontested divorce, we can prepare all the necessary documents without consulting a family or divorce attorney and saving you a ton of money. Divorce City 911 is downright cheap; a real bargain. Who says divorce has to be costly?


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We’re not lawyers. Thank heavens.


OK, so the world hates lawyers. In our experience their are some very fine practitioners out there. The unfortunate part is that they are neither affordable or fast. Two things most spouses looking to split want. Keep in mind that Divorce City 911 are not attorney’s and therefore can’t provide any legal advice. We can only provide advice as to completing and filing correctly.


We have the knowledge and expertise to complete your documents properly, including preparing your Marital Settlement Agreement, pursuant to your instructions and save you valuable time and money. We also offer modification orders for family support and visitation in the event your circumstances change in the future.



Who is Divorce City

Divorce City 911 is a legal document preparation service and divorce service, locally owned and operated by Patti Johnson, Kern County LDA License #105 . Patti is a native of Bakersfield and a pioneer in the legal self-help industry.

Originally, she established Associated Divorce Services setting a precedent for other self-help centers to evolve. She has a legal background working with attorneys that spans more than 12 years.

Does Final Mean Final?

While the dissolution of your marriage is final and cannot be changed, there are circumstances that may need to be addressed as time goes on. We also offer modification orders for family support and visitation in the event your circumstances change in the future

Disclaimer: No information or materials posted on this site are intended to constitute legal advice nor does Divorce City 911 guarantee the accuracy of posted information. Divorce City 911 does not endorse any product, service, or firm. We are not attorneys and provide self-help services at your request and upon your instructions.